Subie Eyes On The Prize

Drive your love for Subaru with Subie Eyes and our unique brand of colorful t-shirts for passionate Subaru owners like YOU. Enjoy your favorite car’s most iconic features even when you’re not on the road, behind the wheel.

Is As Easy As Looking Into These Eyes

Every set of Subie Eyes tells a story.

Now, you can rock your own custom headlight-inspired design that instantly cements your status as part of the rapidly growing Subaru fan base and shows the world why no one takes more pride in their vehicle than the Subie squad does.

What REALLY makes a Subaru?

If you ask any proud Subaru owner, it’s not just the industry-leading safety innovations, durable life-proof design, or show-stopping sleek exterior.

It’s the eyes. 

Just like the car fanatics who drive them, each Subaru model comes with a unique set of “Subie Eyes” that die-hard enthusiasts can’t help but fall in love with.

Now, you can wear your favorite eyes with pride.

Our custom collection of Subie-inspired apparel is here to give you (or the Subaru lover in your life) a must-have badge of honor that you can use to boldly display your passion for Subaru’s game-changing eye looks anytime, anywhere.

Join The Subie-Eyed Squad